LAMP is an AADL annex sub-language that stands for Logic AADL Model Processing.
Its aim is to provide an inline, comprehensive, rigorous, flexible, powerful and user friendly solution to process AADL models.
It is an alternate solution to REAL, LUTE, AGREE and RESOLUTE altogether.
LAMP enables the creation of user defined assurance case processing tools
that are embedded within the AADL model and leveraged by the power of the LMP technology.

LAMP AADL Annex sub-language

  • AADL annex subclauses: ANNEX LAMP {** /* standard prolog syntax */ **};
  • LAMP user defined libraries in AADL Packages
  • LAMP user defined goals in AADL Components
  • Standad prolog language (ISO-IEC 13211)

LAMP standard library: LAMPLib.aadl

  • High level API to the AADL declarative model
  • High level API to the AADL instance model
  • High level API to the Behavior and Error annexes
  • API to analysis results (e.g. simulation traces)
  • Utility rules (printing, …)

LAMP checker in AADL Inspector

  • New LAMP verification tool
  • LAMPLib included
  • examples of use
  • Available since AADL Inspector 1.7
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