Graphic Model Processing

GMP is a generic framework to facilitate the development of component based graphical editors.
It consists of a set of Tcl/Tk libraries and a design methodology.
GMP fully complements LMP for the realization of fully featured Domain Specific box-arrow modelling tools.


The generic part of the framework is called GMP Kernel and implements a simple and robust hierarchical component oriented meta-model.
This meta-model contains the main following entities:

  • Component
  • Feature
  • Property
  • Relation

The development of a new graphical tool requires the definition of Domain Specific layer to refine the four main entities of the Kernel.
In particular, each Domain Specific category of component must inherit from the Component entity of the Kernel.
This specialization layer of the GMP framework is called the Data Model. It can be implemented from a set of Tcl code templates, and its automatic generation from standard meta-modelling languages is foreseen.

Main Realizations

GMP has been applied in particular for the development of the following Domain Specific Modeling tools:

TASTE Interface View editor

TASTE Deployment View editor

COMPASS Graphical Model editor

GLASSES Logical editor

GLASSES Hardware editor

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