AADL printer

The AADL unparser (aadlgen.sbp) takes a lists of prolog predicates and generates the corresponding textual AADL specification in a file whose name is given by the environment variable REPORTFILE, or a dedicated pragma.

The predicates (facts base) must comply with the definition of thoses generated by the AADL parser (aadlrev.exe). The rules are generated from a HOOD design built with Stood and using the Stood prolog generator.


The AADL code generation can be controlled by pragmas that must be included into the fact base as AADL properties:

The following properties control the output filenames

with Item = 'NIL' | Package name 
and Filename: aadlstring

When Item is set to 'NIL' the overall AADL model is serialized in a single file; When Item is set to the name of a Package the corresponding statements are serialized in the specified file; For Property Sets, a property constant definition must be used:

with Item = Property Set name 
and Filename: aadlstring

When no Output_Filename pragma is defined the overall model is serialized in the file specified by the REPORTFILE environment variable; When no output filename is defined the overall model is serialized on the standard output stream.

The following properties control the case of AADL Keywords (default='Upper') and Identifiers (default='Lower'). When 'AsIs' is specified, the unparser keeps the given string without case change.

with Case = 'AsIs' | 'Lower' | 'Upper'

The following property controls the insertion of a default header showing information contained by the isVersion/4 fact.

with Flag = 'Yes' | 'No' default value is 'No'.

As an example, when the unparser is connected to the parser, the generated header looks like:

-- AADL2.2
-- aadlrev2.10
-- (c)Ellidiss Technologies
-- 11March2017
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