Background Technologies

Critical Software Development

Due to increasing importance of Software in critical Systems for application domains such as Avionics, Space, Ground Transportation, Automotive or Medical equipments, Software development teams are involved in such projects need solutions that can:

  • Provide a seamless path between System Engineering activities and Software Engineering activities.
  • Support efficiently the various steps of the Software development life-cycle, including model based engineering, code and documentation generation and reverse engineering.
  • Offer when appropriate "correctness by construction" modeling approaches, and provide "early verification" solutions otherwise.
  • Enforce "good practices" for the development process in order to master the complexity of large scale projects in real industrial contexts and in the long term.

In compliance with industrial standards

Solutions developed by Ellidiss Technology are the result of many years of direct cooperation with many major operational projects such as the Airbus airliners, the Tiger helicopter and a wide range of satellites. Thanks to this experience, they offer a powerful support for System Architecture and Software Design engineering phases as specified in domain related international industrial standards such as:

  • SAE-AS5506 (Architecture Analysis and Design Language)
  • DO-178B/C (embedded avionics)
  • ECSS-E40 (space systems)
  • EN-50128 (railways equipments)

Modeling real-time

Modeling and early validation of real-time features is a key concern for embedded applications.Ellidiss tools provide the appropriate level of description for the real-time properties at each step of the system development process, and a set of verification techniques including simulation and analytical calculation. The ultimate goal for real-time modeling are:

  • Reaching deadlines thanks to a proper management of control flows.
  • Avoiding date losses thanks to a proper management of data flows.

These concerns can be managed as early as possible in the project life-cycle thanks to the use of architecture design languages such as the AADL.

Domain Specific Tools

Ellidiss Technologies develops COTS Software tools for a standard use of the modeling verification techniques. However, most of the times, integration of these tools inside the real world of industrial environments requires customization which can be fully supported by Ellidiss in close collaboration with the development team. Moreover, complete specific solutions may be realized upon end user requirements, such as the TASTE tool chain that is developed under contract for the European Space Agency.

Logical Model Processing

Ellidiss Technologies has developed an original technology to implement powerful processing of System or Software models, such as Model Transformations, Code generation Rules Checkers. This technology called Logical Model Processing (LMP) is based on logical programming and brings the following benefits:

  • formal definition.
  • declarative style.
  • high level of customization capability in order to closely fit projects requirements.
  • cross-plaform portability

The LMP design rules checker of the Stood has been qualified by Airbus A380, as a verification tool according to the DO-178 B recommendations.

Collaborative R&D projects

In order to continuously improve its solutions, Ellidiss Technologies invests a lot in Research and Development activities by participation to collaborative applied research programs such as IST-FP6 ASSERT, ITEA SPICES, FRAE QUARTEFT or the TOPCASED initiative.

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