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AADL Inspector

AADL Inspector is a model processing framework for AADL. Its aim is to provide an easy to use and extensible tool to perform static and dynamic analysis of AADL architectures, and to easily connect any AADL compliant verification tool or code generator.

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Loupe AADL

The new version of AADL Inspector (v1.4) encompasses the following features:

  • Import of AADL textual specifications (individual files or projects)
    • syntactic analysis (aadlrev)
    • AADL v2.1 (AS-5506B)
    • AADL Behavior Annex (AS-5506/2 Annex D + errata)
    • AADL Error Model Annex (AS-5506/1 Annex E + draft 0.97 of AS-5506/3 Annex E)
    • AADL ARINC 653 Annex (AS-5506/2 Annex F)
    • AADL v1 and v2.0 upwards compatibility
    • converts legacy AADL 1.0 and 2.0 architectures into 2.1 (with a few restrictions on property associations)
  • Import of UML/MARTE models
  • Import of AADL libraries from GitHub
  • Real-Time and Deployment wizards
  • Static rules analysis
    • full traceability with the standard document definitions
    • AADL Naming rules (chapters 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4)
    • AADL Legality rules (chapters 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4)
    • AADL Consistency rules (chapter 4.5)
    • Architectural metrics: Declarative and Instance models
    • customization capabilities (to support AADL subsets and project specific rules)
  • Schedulability analysis
    • Integration of the CHEDDAR v3 analysis kernel
    • AADL to Cheddar model transformation
    • Enhanced output format for post-processing
    • VCD (Value Change Dump) file output of the scheduling static simulation
  • Dynamic simulation
    • Integration of the MARZIN v2 Multi-Agents simulation engine
    • Emulation of the AADL run-time (multi-processors and multi-partitions architectures)
    • Display of dynamic time-lines for Threads and Shared Data
    • VCD (Value Change Dump) file output of the simulation trace
  • Real Time Properties editor
    • Extracts main RT properties from all the Thread instances
    • Spreadsheet editor for easy modification
    • Inserts changes into the textual declarative model
  • Tool customization capabilities
    • "plug and check" analysis tools
    • Scripting language for macro-commands definition
    • Command line options
  • Powered by LMP (Logic Model Processing)
    • AADL and XML/XMI parsing
    • Model query language
    • Model constraints language
    • Model transformation language

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