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AADL Inspector is a new product that is being developed by Ellidiss Technology. Its aim is to provide a light weight and extensible tool to perform static and dynamic analysis of AADL architectures.

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The first version of AADL Inspector will encompass the following features:

  • Import of AADL textual specifications
    • AADL v2
    • AADL Behavior Annex
    • AADL v1 compatibility
  • Static rules analysis
    • AADL Legality rules
    • AADL Consistency rules
    • AADL Naming rules
    • Architectural metrics
    • Project specific rules
  • Schedulability analysis
    • Integration of CHEDDAR
  • Dynamic simulation
    • Multi-Agents simulation engine
    • Complies with the AADL run-time

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