Logic Model Processing

LMP applies the principles of Logic Programming to Model Driven Engineering. In a few words, each model is expressed by a list of prolog facts and each processing function is implemented as a list of prolog rules. Applying the rules to the predicates will produce the awaited result (verification report, target model, source code or documentation text).


  • LMP offers a single solution to implement model queries, model constraints and model transformations instead of having to use several dedicated languages
  • LMP is based on the standard prolog language (ISO/IEC 13211-1)
  • LMP is declarative, modular and formal (boolean logic), which open the door for tool qualification.
  • LMP is flexible and can be used to process heterogeneous models or incomplete models.
  • LMP is commercially supported and benefits from industrial return of experience
    • Airbus: involved in the development of DO-178 certified projects (A380, A350)
    • European Space Agency: used in the TASTE graphical editors
    • Ellidiss: AADL Inspector model adaptors and Stood code generators

LMP Development Kit

The LMP Dev Kit provides the LMP designer with a set of tools and libraries to increase the productivity and the quality of the development of LMP applications.
This toolbox is composed of three compartments:

  • Tools for the generation of Facts bases (AADL and XML/XMI parsers)
  • Tools for the development of Rules bases (Ecore2LMP and LMP Designer graphical editor)
  • Tools for the run-time execution of the LMP application (sbprolog)

Download the LMP DevKit Brochure

AADL Prolog Interface

AADL Declarative Model
AADL Model
AADL Printer

XML/XMI Prolog Interface

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